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it gets better Jul. 10th, 2012 @ 02:41 pm
The three words that every parent of a newborn hates to hear. "It gets better." My answer, as it always has been is; when?

I know it isn't a surprise, we have an older child, but you forget how long it takes. Here is the answer; every child is different (four more words that are harder to hear). In our case the magic number was 7 weeks for our son. He started to sleep from 10pm to 3-4am, which was a marked improvement from the every hour feedings. He is predictable and everyone is much happier.

It does get better.
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phelps Aug. 18th, 2008 @ 07:58 pm
Everyone seems to be glued to the Olympics. When I say everyone, I mean me and my husband. I have wanted nothing more than to get back in the water and be inspired.

So, why can't I actually jump in the pool? The memory of all the pain I endured is still in my mind, somewhere in the back of my mind, but it is there. I really really want to go to the pool tomorrow and see what I can do. It will feel good to grab the last bit of outdoor swimming that I can.

btw... i have a super kick ass bulletin board rockin outside my room. represent

plus, i got mad kudos from my boss today, that was awesome
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thanks, spike Aug. 17th, 2008 @ 09:01 pm
Actually, I should thank the Today Show, but Spike nonetheless is to blame for my obsession.

My hubby was watching the today show when they started talking about the Stephanie Meyer books. Since I have been looking for a book to read since "When you are Engulfed in Flames," his interest was perked. Doubled by the fact that I am semi-obsessed with vampires, or at least I was back in the Buffy-era. So, almost two weeks ago he bought the first book, twilight and I was ambivalent. However, upon opening the book, I was HOOKED!!! I didn't even get into Harry Potter this quickly!

I found myself reading it as long as I could, only closing it because my husband told me that it was midnight and I should put it down. It was impossible to put down, and so invigorating that I was wide awake, I still am wide awake every night. Lack of sleep is no match for these books.

So, needless to say I breezed through books 1, 2 and 3 (three being my favorite, but if you asked me what it was about I couldn't tell you refer above to lack of sleep). I am 200 pages or so away from finishing the final book and I find myself stalling. Trying to hold onto the book and what it does to me. Is it pain I enjoy? Possibly, but I do know that it is an addiction, it is painful to be away from it. (in my head all I can think is that it is just as bad as Bella without her Edward)

man i need help :p
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thanx jess Aug. 16th, 2008 @ 08:51 pm
So, I was in the car with my husband, yes, husband, have yet to write about that in here yet, but yes, I am married. Yeah commas, yo! Anywho, he turns to me and asks me where I would be if I hadn't come up to visit our old college town the day that we "met." We realized how different our lives would be. One of my friends at the time was trying to set me up with someone and if that would have taken off, then I might be in a similar situation right now with a different person. He said he would be a bartender in Hawaii. Makes you think how each and every one of your choices really can impact your life!

He never ceases to amaze me, I am a very happy that I went up to there, I need to make a note to call and thank my friend for visiting and making sure that I came up to see her.
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iohi4u Aug. 14th, 2008 @ 09:01 am
Why is it that every time I hear "I only have eyes for you" I start welling up with tears?!! Okay, despite my huge Buffy obsession I can not not (yes I know double negative) think about that scene of Buffy and Angel dancing in the gym in mid-third season when Angel was evil. It makes me cry!! Seriously, I have problems!

However, I also laugh at the American Graffiti scene as well. Damn that movie, why do I get automatically switched back to that movie with every oldies song. If you haven't seen it, go out and rent it now!

I am I the only one who memorizes movie soundtracks? Maybe just me and my bro, who knows! It isn't mutually exclusive to movies, music can take me back to "scenes" of my life. Very strange that I can be transported back to an athletic formal my junior year of college whenever I hear "Closing Time." I can't be alone on that one, music is very powerful

Sham on!
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» that just happened! (pt. 2)
The show was amazing and it was just an unreal experience, however, I was on a mission. The last time I saw them, one of my friends said that he went backstage and met them. I was incredibly jealous and I have been a fan for so long and I really wanted to meet them. So, before the show started, I found out that psychoticpenguin was a row behind us. I asked her if she was going to stay and meet them. So we both left together and found a couple people that were smoking by the docks. One of them went in to see if the Kids would come out. Well, Kevin did come out. He was by the Stage Door (go figure :) and we just missed him.

We changed our location to the stage door and watched all these people come out of the doors, none that were any of the Kids. Finally, at one point their manager (I think it was their manager) came out and said, You know what, why don't you guys follow me and we will take you inside!! So, by now I am freaking the heck out. My FI, pointed to Mark and said there was one! Right in front of me... Mark freaking McKinney, then I saw Scott and then... Dave ::swoon:: I have not remembered a time when I have not been a fan of Dave's. I knew I had to act fast to get their signatures because the security guards were upset that we were in there to begin with.

I started with Scott and thanked him for a great show. I gave him a piece of paper to sign, even though my FI said that I should have him sign the ticket. I thanked him for the shower and he laughed and asked if I got hit :) So, I got my pic with him... by far better than any of the other pictures (he did a total Buddy pose, tyranasaurs rex hand and all :). then onto Mark... I told him that we moved our seat and just missed crushing my baby's head. He apologized, which I thought was funny :) Another autograph and pic!!! (freaking out at this point)

Then onto Dave. I heard the security guards start escorting people out, but I was on a mission. I am not coming within steps of my favorite Kid and not at least saying something. So, I go up to Dave, tell him how great he did, as he is signing the paper. Then ask him for a picture. As we are taking the picture I tell him I have been a fan since High Stake, and he said that was a horrible movie, and then while my FI was taking the pic he turned to me and said, "you know I was only 21 when I did that movie" and after the pic I sad, "sadly, I knew that." Then he said, "Oh, you are one of those... Security!!" and everyone laughed, it was amazing. Better than I ever could have imagined.

I always wondered what I would do or say when I ever met them, and they were SO easy to talk to, I was amazed. At that point security did shove us out, and we waited over by the stage door for Bruce and Kevin. There was no way I was not going to wait! So, we were told by security to move away from the door, and past the grass because it was "private property" We waited until 11 (the show ended around 9:30ish) and then they started coming out. I wanted to get all their autographs on my ticket, so I got Mark's and Dave's (talked to Dave about the micro brewery's in Milwaukee) my FI asked him what kind of beer he likes and recommended one for him. Then Kevin and Bruce came out. All of them were carrying some sort of beer or wine. Brucio had an entire bottle in his hand. He was breathing so close to my face that he fogged my glasses!

I told Kevin that my dad swears he saw him in Greenjeans in the early 90's and he looked up at me, surprised and said "Greenjeans in Toronto? We used to go there all the time!" it was so cool. So, final picture taken and I had to get Scott's autograph on the ticket. The poor guy was carrying a ton of stuff and everyone bombarded him, but I had to get them all on the ticket! So, he signed and I walked back to our car, smiling, and not believing what just happened.

Words can not describe meeting your idols, but I am so impressed with how cool they were. That's all I can say about that!
» after the 6 year wait... (pt. 1)
I seriously can't believe that last night actually happened. I have no clue where to begin, so I guess I will start at the start!

I picked up the FI at work pretty early and drove down to the KITH show in massive traffic. We got to the theater 2 hours early. I saw that there were seats closer to the stage on ticketmaster, so I thought that I would see if I could get something closer. I went to the counter and asked and guess what... they had 2 tickets for front row. I got too excited and bought them. We drove around, ate dinner, and came back to see our seat and found that we were sitting up next to the stage. I had to lift my head in order to see the stage, my knees were hitting it too! We decided to move over two seats if the people next to us didn't show up.

I started to get really excited and after waiting, what seemed like forever, the theme music started, and I started screaming!!!! They started with a video of their headquarters and talking about how they should start by raping Kevin. It was hilarious. So, after the video, they came out with Kevin in a wife beater running around the stage with the other Kids following him. They had all new (at least it was new to me) material with the same old good characters. The first sketch was about Mark and Bruce trying to give their baby to Dave and Kevin. Then BUDDY!!! He went off about the bible and Jesus while drinking his martini. When he left the stage, he threw his martini into the audience and we got soaked!! Yeah for being in the splash zone! They went onto do the Jehovah's witness Gavin skit, a Kathy and Cathy skit about crystal meth, and then they got to one where they were two gay couples and one of them left the other for a woman. This is the point where Kevin lost it (he lost it, and so did Bruce in some of the skits, but this one stopped the performance). It was hilarious! My favorite part of that is when Dave tickled Kevin and he had to turn his chair around. Then, Dave messed up and joined Kevin.

The show ended entirely too soon and when we stood up to give them a standing ovation, Kevin looked at me and thanked me!!!! I love the front row. Then he looked at two people next to us and said, "Well they stood up now you have to!" So we kept clapping until they came out again (everyone except Mark). Dave said that it was their first show of their first tour in 6 years (I went to that one too!). He also said they didn't practice their encore. So, Mark comes out with a couple wires coming out of his suit and there he is... the head crusher!!

He showed us on the monitor behind him and was doing his usual rants and then he goes over to the spot where my FI was supposed to be sitting (we had moved at the beginning of the show and two people came in and sat there). He asked him what his name was and crushed his head!!! It goes to show you, NEVER move! :) While he was talking the camera was pointing in our direction and you could see us on the screen, it was so freaking cool. So, Mark went onto bash each Kid, including himself, and the show ended.

It was my FI's first show and first introduction to the Kids, and he was laughing and having a great time! It looks like I need to start a new post, this one is getting long!
» as i sit here convalescing on my couch
My how time has gone by. It is amazing to me how diligent I was in the past with this journal. A lot of things have changed. Time isn't as plentiful as it used to be, and it is going much quicker than hoped for.

I am sure I stopped in here to announce that I am getting married, which in itself is a crazy notion. It has brought forth many good times and challenging times, and a lot of questions. However, I feel that I have chosen the best person to marry. Not only is he incredibly patient with me, but he loves me more than I have ever been loved by another man. So, June 20th is coming up quickly and so is our summer of celebration. I am a very lucky girl.

I am also waiting for the clock to tick by and reach noon, where, hopefully, I will be able to attend another Kids in the Hall show. This time with my fiance who has no clue who they are and who does not understand "true" humour, it should be interesting. I am sure that libations will be in store for that night. Two minutes to noon... wish me luck!
» as i sit here convelescing on my couch
My how time has gone by. It is amazing to me how diligent I was in the past with this journal. A lot of things have changed. Time isn't as plentiful as it used to be, and it is going much quicker than hoped for.

I am sure I stopped in here to announce that I am getting married, which in itself is a crazy notion. It has brought forth many good times and challenging times, and a lot of questions. However, I feel that I have chosen the best person to marry. Not only is he incredibly patient with me, but he loves me more than I have ever been loved by another man. So, June 20th is coming up quickly and so is our summer of celebration. I am a very lucky girl.
» hi
Holy crap I am going to Hawaii!!! We just bought the tickets tonight!!! I am super freaking out and excited all at the same time. I was exhausted two hours ago and now I am wide awake and obsessing over what we are going to do while we are there! There is a farmers market that I want to go to, a zoo, and I am only looking at one city on the island, there is an entire island to explore. We aren't going to any other islands, I think that is the best idea. It was like my Britain trip, but not really, when I just stayed on the one island. That was an awful reference, but I AM GOING TO HAWAII!!! flipping out here :p
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