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brace face Dec. 28th, 2006 @ 04:29 pm
I always knew this would happen, but now that it is here, it really does suck. Yes, I have braces yet again. I am hoping this won't be another seven year stretch, which it shouldn't. Six months and an eternity of a stupid permanent retainer. I haven't felt this pain in over 10 years. This time I am going to follow the diet more carefully. I am going to either lose a lot of weight or gain a ton. Nothing crunchy... that will be hard! I don't know why they give braces to teenagers. The pain of going through puberty (and the need to eat poorly) mixed with this pain is just a silly concept.

So, I am just sitting here with my Horchata and very slightly numbing the pain for the few seconds it takes to swallow the yummy milk. Winter break is more fun when there is a lot of sun.
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my goodness Dec. 27th, 2006 @ 04:37 pm
I really have been hesitating writing in here. I have had plenty of opportunities to, but I never knew what to write. I had some good ideas, and a ton of things to report, but never actually took the time. Well, I am taking it now. After four months of not writing, I guess I can start now.

In a nutshell... I am busy, I am in love and now I am trying to relax. The beginning of school was an emotional rollercoaster. I still remember my nerves and how I felt that first day/week, but it seems so distant to me. I have 17 wonderful Kindergartners that keep me busy. I had 13 freshman girls to teach and coach, not coaching the boys (that was a rough decision). I have had my ups (going to a baseball game with my boyfriends grandparents, uncle and my dad, being totally in love, awesome Xmas presents including a tiffany's necklace and diamond earings) and some downs (being in the hospital with a kidney infection) but I have fought through them, I have made resolutions and I am hoping to stick to them.

I am missing so much, but when I haven't been here to actually put it down, it loses a bit of its flame. Each moment up there, plus countless others have been so important to me and holds so much to my heart, that I couldn't do it justice writing right now.

I know I will kick myself for not documenting my first few months as a teacher, but maybe that is how it was supposed to be. Left alone in my archives.

i am a walking gap ad Sep. 5th, 2006 @ 05:49 pm
When I started feeling better on Sunday, I dragged my boyfriend up and off the computer and we went shopping! It really is enjoyable to have money to spend and find clothes that I actually want to buy. I had really good luck at Banana and found a pair of pants for twenty dollars. Then I spent way too much at Gap, only buying three shirts and an umbrella for my boyfriend. I bought a pair of shoes at another expensive store and a white shirt, so that I can layer at another expensive store!

Today I wore my Banana khaki pants, my striped pink on darker pink Gap shirt and my brown shoes that hurt my pinky toes. I looked fabulous, especially since my hair stayed pretty over night. I totally sound like a fifty-year old smoker because of this congestion, but I feel so much better. It is so nice not having to be stuck in bed by myself, I can be social now and see the world! Oh, yeah, practice was canceled because of no cholorine again, my poor freshman haven't really been in the water since last Thursday. This Friday should be an interesting meet.

I went back to school today to try and work on things, but I didn't have anything to work on so I came home. Now my fabulous boyfriend is home and we are going out to dinner because I want fries :)
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no chlorine? Sep. 4th, 2006 @ 08:45 am
The one day that I can get up and actually drive and be social, they cancel practice! So, here I am watching Buffy. Funny that I have seasons one through three and I want seasons four and five. I guess I really have nothing to share right now. Peace
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school teacher Sep. 2nd, 2006 @ 11:59 am
I can not believe how long it has been since I have updated this blog!

School has been unbelievably cool. It was a long hard road before it started. Between walking into my room noticing it had completely been changed and one of the ladies that is sharing my room was in my principals face and getting sick on Thursday, it definitely been a journey. The first day of school I read "The Kissing Hand" and I was so choked up I couldn't talk! My class is interesting, to say the least. The librarian put it the best when noticed that most of them did not go to pre-kindergarten. They are very squirmy and very young, but they crack me up. I had to call a parent on the first day of school that told me that it is my problem that their daughter does not listen to me in school, lovely.

Coaching has also been interesting. Girls at this school are so much more quiet and obedient than the last school. I was on a phone call with a mother for 30 freaking minutes and I came out to see them working on their turns, on their own! It has been challenging, to say the least to come to practice when I have to be at school. Last night I couldn't go to the first meet because I was sick. Thank goodness I didn't go, because I was feeling so rotten and it would not have been pretty.

Anyway, there is my quick update. I am excited today, because I am going to buy the third season of Arrested Development and I will check and see how much the Office is. Oh yeah, I have a new band obsession... OK Go, they kick some major butt!
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» i love this bed
I love this bed.

It doesn't matter what kind of day I have had, it is always comforting. It has been a long day, well a long week, but being in this bed makes everything so much more relaxed. My car broke down on me again yesterday right in front of our apartment. It is only a two lane street and it was lunch time so I had a lot of people yelling at me. Why would anyone think that I was parking there on purpose? The biggest kicker of all is that I was crying like crazy and there was a restaurant full of people that were sitting outside staring at me and talking about how much traffic I was causing, obviously seeing that I was crying and could not have been parked and no one came to help me. After a lot of "nice f-ing place to park" and a lot of horn honking (which still brings me back to being in that car and feeling so small) some very nice man helped push my car out of the way.

Luckily it was right by my apartment because it took the tow company two and a half hours to get to me. I calmed down a lot and went back to my car before they got there and my car started. I still towed it anyway, and he let me drive the car up onto the ramp, which was pretty cool. They haven't called me at all today and I have no clue what is wrong with my car, so I rented one and as soon as my boyfriend gets home we are going to go back up and see a jazz concert with all of his friends. Funny how he can get more people together on Saturday in two days than I can get together in three weeks. Oh well, I did have a good time that night.

My room is looking pretty good. There are still a ton more things I need to buy and since I have to look for and buy a new car soon, the money that I would like to put forth on getting those materials is slowly diminishing. Other than that, I am cool. I probably didn't write in here about our two year anniversary.. Long story short, I broke my key off in the lock went to dinner and to a blues club with my boyfriend, then walking back to the train station I start a fight :) What I love about my boyfriend is that we can get into arguments and it doesn't take long for us to get over it and be in each others arms again. I love him and I love this bed.
» picking the trees
haha midnight, hello saturday!

semi-awake and ready to party all night! rock on sweet thing.

this is fun :p
» taladaga nights
saw taladega nights with my boyfriend, my brother and his friend and it was really funny. the coolest thing i have ever seen in a movie theater happened when there was a particular scene and everyone in the audience leaned forward laughing and protecting their leg, it was freaking cool.

my room is starting to get ready and we picked the students we will have in the classroom. my classroom looks like it will be a lot of fun, there will be some challenging students, but it will be awesome.

our two year was okay. we didnt' do anything on monday because he was staying at a friends house so he could go to work. tuesday we saw this awesome 80's cover band and last night we went for dinner and saw a jazz band. it was really nice, i just have been having these stupid blow ups lately. i don't know why i have been getting so mad, but i have.

tomorrow night is the big alumni gathering. i really hope that it is cool. it definitely has the potential, so that is cool. i think that is it for now, i am sure i have a ton more to add, but i am tired :)
» they look older
I had such a strange dream last night. It was the first day of school and I had nothing ready. I thought it was three weeks before and all I had was my calendar and a really messy room. We decided to take a huge room for all the classrooms for the first day and everyone was getting their little ones and they had everything planed and it looked nice. When I looked around at my class they were all seniors in high school. They knew right away that I was not prepared and most of them got up to leave. As I was writing down those that were staying more came back for snack time. The rest of the dream was all along the lines of me not being prepared and clueless.

I am hoping that doesn't happen. I am getting very excited and I am going to do my best to get the room as ready as I can on Tuesday morning, so that will keep me very busy. I think tomorrow is my last day babysitting, which will be a huge load off my back. My focus for the next couple weeks and preparing for at least the first month of school. I really hope that this scratch I have in my throat (I cut it on a bagel of all things this morning) heals by Tuesday. I am going to relax some more. We bought our gift for the wedding we are going to and also got stuck in pouring rain while at the driving range. It was a pretty packed day for a day that we tried to stay low key. We finished cutting all the laminated stuff, I just hope I can use all of it!

Off to read as much of The Devil Wears Prada until I fall asleep :)
» math a max
I haven't had much down time lately, so this is probably the first post I have done in a week. It has been an interesting one. I had a math workshop all week long, which was great. We went over the entire math curriculum, but I am just curious as to how much of that we will actually be doing. It is amazing how many people like Justin Timberlake, I brought him up one day and the other girls were all about him too, so that was cool.

It was nice getting to know the other new teachers, two of them had been in the building before and one has not (I also found out she wants the same classroom that I want next year). It is cool because I know a lot of the students and teachers, but I just hope that I will be able to fit into the mode with everyone. Kindergarten is kind of in a world of its own, that goes the same for the rest of the grades, but there really isn't anyone that is my age in my grade level. Hopefully I can become good friends with the other new girls, they are really cool.

My alumni party is going to be pretty lame, but hopefully someone else, or even I could find another date that would work for more than five people. What I would like to happen is that more people show up than they said they would.

Butt Pirates of the Caribean is on now... Carlos Mencia is hot in black eye makeup, yeah I am that kind of freak :)
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